Dear Ken Wolf Real Estate

Dear Ken and Nikoletta

I wanted to say a BIG thank you for such a wonderful experience in dealing with you in considering 13/8 McIntyre St as a rental for myself. I have been looking for somewhere suitable to rent for around 6 weeks over the holiday period. Having been a homeowner for 16 years in Gordon, I was shocked and dismayed at how poorly real estate agents treat prospective tenants in today's climate of rental shortages.

Meeting Nikoletta at the end of this very demoralising and frustrating process was a breath of fresh air. Her professionalism and customer service attitude was an absolute pleasure. I found it a very difficult decision to choose between your apartment in La Maison and the one I have applied for in Elysium. The Elysium one has a wonderful sweeping view which made the apartment most appealing, despite the La Maison one being of superior finish. The prospect of having Nikoletta as my property manager was a large factor in the choice being very attractive too.

In the long run - this may be a win-win, as I am hoping to be in a position to buy again in 9-18 months time. If Nikoletta is any reflection of the Ken Wolf Real Estate modus operandi - I will be contacting you first when the time comes.

Thanks again Nikoletta for being so professional and responsive. It was wonderful to have such a pleasant experience at the end of this process.